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Cedar Wood

Cedar Wood

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Cedar Wood's rich and warm aroma has excellent grounding properties making it effective for times of stress.  It has historically been used to treat respiratory complaints such as excess phlegm and spasmodic coughing due to asthma and colds.  In skincare, it has been known to assist in controlling acne and eczema. Cedarwood essential oil benefits: improves focus and wisdom; promotes hair growth; has anti-inflammatory agents; cures toothaches; strengthens gums; reduces skin irritations; relives spasms; cures fungal infections; repels bugs; cures acne; reduces a cough; stimulates metabolism; regulates menstruation; tightens muscles, and cleans out toxins.

Primary Uses

  • Aids in circulation and can assist with fluid retention
  • Brings harmony to the nervous system by calming and soothing nervous tension
  • Assists with concentration and mental clarity
  • When used in hair care, can reduce the symptoms of dandruff and promote healthy hair growth

Directions for Use

Use 4-5 drops in a diffuser of your choice
Dilute 1% to 5% in carrier oil for topical use to minimize skin sensitivity

      Botanical Name

      Cedrus atlantica

      Aromatic Description

      Balsamic, Sweet, Woody

      Collection Method

      Steam Distilled

      Plant Part

      Wood stumps and sawdust of trees

      Country of Origin


        Safety & Precautions

        Generally, non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-sensitizing. Do not use on children under 5.