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Rosemary effectively helps banish mental fatigue and sluggishness by stimulating and strengthening the whole nervous system. Rosemary also enhances mental clarity and aids in concentration making it effective for studying.

Primary Uses

  • Helps to relieve pain, stiff and overworked muscles and joints
  • Acts as a brain stimulant and improves memory function
  •  Effective for clearing sinus congestion, asthma, colds and coughs
  • Used in skincare, it helps renew cells and improves fine lines and wrinkles

Directions for Use

  • Use 4-5 drops in a diffuser of your choice
  • Dilute 1% to 5% in carrier oil for topical use to minimize skin sensitivity

Botanical Name

Rosmarinus officinalis

Aromatic Description

Camphoraceous, Fresh, Herbaceous

Collection Method

Steam Distilled

Plant Part

Leaves and Flowering Tops

Country of Origin


Main Constituents

1, 8-Cineole, α-pinene, camphor

    Safety & Precautions

    Avoid use during pregnancy.  Do not use with epilepsy or with high blood pressure. Rosemary is stimulating and should not be used before bed.  Do not use in children under age 3.