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Egyptian Black Seed & Henna Clarifying Shampoo

Egyptian Black Seed & Henna Clarifying Shampoo

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Hair has demanding needs and this natural shampoo delivers above expectations. Egyptian Black Seed Henna & Natural Shampoo is made with generous amounts of organic black seed oil and genuine Nile grown henna to help strengthen hair. Egyptian Black Seed Henna Natural Shampoo supports hair strands helping make them stronger with the addition of watercress oil and sidr leaf.

Egyptian black seed oil and henna have both been used by ancient Egyptians to strengthen their hair and to promote hair growth. Black seed oil helps feed hair vital nutrients often washed out or depleted with modern hair formulas.

Our Nile grown henna is rich in a multitude of nutrients and the Nile silt intensifies the mineral content of the henna in comparison to henna grown in other parts of the world. We use a generous amount of henna in our natural shampoo, not just a few drops of an extract. When mixed with water henna makes the hair colored, however, when we cook the henna into our shampoo it no longer colors the hair. Neutral henna used in many products, is actually not henna at all. It is a completely different plant and does not have the same strengthening properties of real henna.

Egyptian Black Seed & Henna Natural Shampoo is also made with a generous amount of sidr leaf from the jujube desert tree. Sidr leaf adds extra strengthening properties. In addition, we add watercress oil which helps stimulate and condition the hair.

Most importantly, our natural shampoo is made with pure spring water. Almost all skin, body and hair products are made with recycled sewage water. This water is chemically treated with chemicals like chlorine to kill unmentionable waste in municipal water. The combination of waste and chemicals used to clean the water is damaging to hair. We use only pure spring water to ensure our shampoo really is natural and healthier for your hair and family.