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Black Seed Honey & Shea Skin Formula

Black Seed Honey & Shea Skin Formula

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Whether its rough patches, an area with a skin issue, or simply dry skin, Black Seed Honey & Shea Skin Formula will nurse skin to good health. Protect and soothe skin with this super natural skin care combination. This formula utilizes nature's most potent ingredients to soothe and protect skin.

Certified organic, cold pressed black seed oil from the ancient Nile basin is coveted for its holistic uses throughout antiquity. We combine this oil with two soothing shea butters, one from East African and the other from West. Both having different skin care properties, they provide skin with an array of skin care benefits. To top off the formula, literally, we've added a spoonful of genuine black seed honey in each jar. The honey was produced during the bloom of the black seed flowers in the Nile basin creating a honey that is full of nutrients.

Stir the contents of the jar until smooth and apply daily.  Use on difficult skin areas to protect and soothe skin all day long.