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Bananas & Monkey Bread Baby Oil - The Mockingbird Apothecary & General Store

Bananas & Monkey Bread Baby Oil

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Bananas & Monkey Bread Oil is made by combining the monkey bread oil which is extracted from the archaic, upside down trees, (Baobab tree) and the nourishing Ugandan shea butter oil, to softens and protect baby's fragile skin. 

Monkey bread is also known as baobab fruit. The Baobab trees, some thousands of years old, grow in the dry Savannah of Africa, where elephants, antelope and lions roam free. Baboons and a variety of monkeys love to eat the monkey bread, thus the name. Its big fruits produce an oil that is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, making it perfect for baby's delicate skin.

All natural banana extract makes baby smell good enough to eat. 

Contains only:

USDA Certified Organic Shea Nilotik' shea butter oil (Vitellaria nilotica), wild harvested monkey bread oil (Adansonia digitata), all natural banana extract (Musa sapientum)