Argan, Zafran & Camel's Milk Brightening Facial Wash

Argan, Zafran & Camel's Milk Brightening Facial Wash

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The Argan, Zafron & Camel's Milk Brightening Facial Wash will help brighten and plump skin with the powers of 2 ancient beauty secrets. Far more concentrated than cow's milk, genuine camel's milk breaks down areas of discoloration, provides skin with a powerful boost of lactic acid to help brighten skin as it breaks down dull skin.

Genuine Moroccan saffron, the world's most expensive spice has a natural lightening effect and aids in brightening skin. The two work to beautify skin as organic Argan Oil nourishes skin as it gently washes away impurities. The result is often glowing skin that is lush, soft and dewy. 

Contains only: spring water, certified organic sunflower oil (helianthurs annuus), certified organic argan oil (argania spnosa), certified organic virgin coconut oil (cocos nucifera), potassium hydroxide (positively charged salts which turn oil and water into soap) Kalahari mineral salts, camel's milk, naturally grown Moroccan saffron threads.

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