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Baobab C-Boosting Brightening Mask - The Mockingbird Apothecary & General Store

Baobab C-Boosting Brightening Mask

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Help brighten skin with lots of vitamin C as you feed it potassium, zinc, magnesium and more. This all natural, organic glycerin based mask helps break down dead skin as it lightly exfoliates. You will love how bright, smooth and nourished your skin can look and feel. 

This formula was created to combat the hazards of vitamin C while delivering skin a healthy dose. Wild African baobab fruit contains six times the vitamin C as oranges. We’ve utilized the raw fruit powder in its whole form to help provide skin with an unaltered boost of vitamin C as well as a multitude of other nutrients. The results are often skin that is more resistant to free radicals, brighter and younger looking. Read on to discover more benefits of this amazing mask.

Made fresh for Shea Terra in Zimbabwe, baobab fruit powder is packed with nutrients including a mega-dose of vitamin C, magnesium, and twice as much calcium as milk. It is also rich in enzymes which help break down dead skin. The results can be skin that is brighter, more resilient, firmer and softer.