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Berry Bliss Tea

Berry Bliss Tea

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The Berry Bliss truly blissful cup featuring elderberries, maqui berries, goji berries, rosehips and rooibos with a touch of stevia leaf for a guilt-free treat in any season. A favorite for kids!

This blend brews up a deliciously dark blueish-purple cup!

The predominant ingredient in this blend is elderberries! The rich flavor brings a smile to the face of children and adults alike, along with just a little pinch of stevia leaf (the real green dried leaf, not the processed powdered stuff) can fulfill a sweet craving.

The elder plant is a powerful medicine that has been used for centuries by herbalists for its many properties. The elderberries are a great preventative to help strengthen your immune system. This blend focuses on the elderberries, giving it a sweet yet subtly tart experience that is packed with nutrients! It also has maqui berries, hawthorn berries, rosehips and goji berries to enhance the flavor and power of its nutrients

Make this as a concentrate and add to a bit of sparkling water and ice for a refreshing treat! Add a touch of honey for the family members with a sweet tooth.

Herbal Tea/Caffeine Free

Ingredients: Organic hibiscus flowers, organic lemongrass, organic spearmint, organic rose petals, organic calendula petals, organic elder flowers

Size: 3.2 oz / 30 Servings