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Bloodstone Crystals

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Bloodstone is a powerful crystal that can give you an extra boost of energy when you need it. It is also said to be helpful in cleansing and purifying the blood, excellent for ridding the body of harmful toxins. Bloodstone can also help to stabilize emotions and ground you when you are feeling scattered and lost.

These beautifully polished Bloodstone crystals are truly unique and charged by the light of the full moon. An ally for your personal growth, Bloodstone offers a calming and grounding energy to help you carve a path forward in life.

Hold Bloodstone in your palm if you are seeking to remove personal blocks that are preventing you from reaching your fullest potential. This healing crystal activates the first and second chakras of strength and creativity through its rich red color. 

Approximate size is 1-1.5" long.

Bloodstone Crystals



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