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Brazil | Sul De Minas | Guariroba | Organic | Natural

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Tasting notes: Well balanced, mild, clean with short finish, creamy mouthfeel and flavor of dark chocolate and walnuts

Roast: Light to Medium

Story of the farm:

"Sul De Minas" as the name proclaims, is the region found in the south of Minas Gerais state, Brazil. Here the hills are rugged and rolling, climate is sweetly mild, and rainfalls kiss the coffee trees with just the right amount of moisture to coax the best out of the beans.

It is home to some of the largest coffee estates in Brazil, although "large" is considered to be only 10-200 hectares (up to approx 60 acres). These smallholder farmers have grown coffee on these farms for generations.

Fazenda Guariroba is one of these coffee estate farms, located in Santo Antônio do Amparo, Minas Gerais State, Campo das Vertentes micro-region in Brazil. The farm is owned by Homero Aguiar Paiva, who graduated in Dentistry, but with coffee running through his veins, he dedicated his life to growing coffee following the family tradition. After many years working in the Brazilian Coffee Institute, he decided to invest in specialty coffee production.

In 2009, he purchased a 200-ha land from Cachoeira Farm, where his father, the late Mr. Afranio Paiva was born and belonging to his uncle, Mr Fernando Aguiar Paiva, a pioneer in quality coffee production and also one of the founders of the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA). Built it 1840, Cachoeira Farm is recognized as a Specialty Sustainable and Organic Coffee producer. 

Over the last several years, Homero Aguiar Paiva has carried out remarkable and professional work in specialty coffee production at Guariroba Farm. Planting outstanding coffee varieties and investing in post-harvesting process, he won the first prize of the 2016 Cup of Excellence. He dedicated this award to his uncle Mr Fernando Paiva, for his pioneering and dedication to specialty coffees in their region, and mostly for their common ground and history.

Cachoeira Farm and Guariroba Farm are neighboring areas and share many water reserves (river sources). Therefore, both farms share a common project in water preservation, planting native trees, and creating protected areas. They are also currently engaged in a post-harvesting Project.