Glenn Avenue Citrus Blossom Liquid Soap
Glenn Avenue Citrus Blossom Liquid Soap
Glenn Avenue Soap Company

Glenn Avenue Citrus Blossom Liquid Soap

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The Foaming Hand Soaps from Glenn Avenue Soap Company are handmade using traditional methods, oil and lye - full of natural, moisturizing glycerin and absolutely no foaming agents, surfactants or detergents. The liquid soaps are genuine saponified soaps, scented with only essential plant oils and extracts - nothing artificial and made with 100% organic extra virgin olive, coconut and sunflower oils  for a silky-smooth, skin-nourishing experience. The soap form a rich, silky lather that feels great, lasts long and rinses clean, but leaves behind moisturized skin that feels soft and smooth, never dry. 

Citrus Blossom is a light, fresh blend made with lemon, sweet orange and bergamot essential oils. This medley of bright and sweet fragrances brings the aroma of fresh citrus into your home year round!

These citrus essential oils are naturally antibacterial, antiviral, and have immunostimulant properties, which make them a great combination for keeping away germs! lemon, bergamot and sweet orange are also great for combating stress and anxiety, stimulating your senses, and uplifting your mood.

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