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Costa Rica | Central Valley Deredia

Costa Rica | Central Valley Deredia

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Tasting notes: Orange, dark chocolate, lemon & caramel

Roast: Medium 

Story of the farm:
From the Central Valley of Costa Rica, the Deredia coffee is grown by the well-established Cooperativa de Caficultores de Heredia, formed in 1961 and today has 1100 members.

The Deredia coffee is grown in fertile volcanic soil rich in organic matter, with ideal weather conditions this full-city roast coffee has a beautifully balanced body, acidity, and sweetness. It is cultivated in soils of the Central Valley at more than 1,200m above sea level by the hands of hundreds of producer families associated with Cooperativa de Caficultores de Heredia, Libertad RL.

The coffee comes from the high mountains located in the North of the Central Valley (Heredia) and has a classification of SHB in Costa Rica that stands for "Strictly Hard Bean". This simply means that the coffee is grown at or above an altitude of 4,000 feet. The higher elevation causes the coffee to mature and grow at a slower pace, which provides time for more flavors and complexities to develop.

Our coffee comes from farms planted mainly with the Caturra and Catuaí varieties. Caturra is distinguished by its bright acidity and low-to-medium body. It has less clarity and sweetness than its parent, Bourbon. First developed in Brazil, these small trees are found throughout Colombia, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Ripe Catuai cherries are red or yellow, and while they both have big acidity, the yellow beans, when cool, lead to an unclean, petroleum-like mouthfeel. These days, all our Catuai cherry are the red ones, found all over Latin America.

With a characteristic washing process, its transformation is carried out with strict quality controls. The best batches for national consumption are selected according to the cup results and are subsequently given a medium / dark roast which highlights their main properties.

Deredia is considered an aromatic coffee, with an excellent balance between body and acidity, with notes of fruit trees, a soft tone of honey and slight traces of dark chocolate.