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Deep Conditioning Hair Masque - The Mockingbird Apothecary & General Store
Deep Conditioning Hair Masque - The Mockingbird Apothecary & General Store

Deep Conditioning Hair Masque

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The Deep Conditioning Hair Mask is a super food for your hair, especially if your hair is damaged and nothing else seems to work. This deep conditioning, natural hair and scalp treatment will leave your hair looking healthier, feel softer and be more manageable than ever.

Kalahari Mongongo & Bananas:

Mongongo is a highly nutritious nut that grows in marginal regions across southern Africa, traditionally eaten by the San and iKung tribes, for strength and vitality in very harsh living conditions. The oil-rich nuts are high in fat, protein, calcium and vitamin E, making the oil an ideal food source for deprived hair.

A generous amount of real mashed banana puree is added to the mongongo oil and shea butter blend. Bananas are high in potassium, minerals and vitamins which help nutritionally depleted hair grow better. Bananas also contain their own natural oil which conditions and coats the hair with a protective barrier, helping to strengthen the hair against breakage.

Contains Only: Pure spring water, certified organic shea butter, mongongo oil, natural emulsifying wax, banana pulp and extract, naturally based preservative (glucono delta lactone, sodium benzoate), vegetable coloring

Egyptian Black Castor & Carrot Seed:

The combination of the protective, nutritious oil of the castor plant, the East African shea butter and nourishing Egyptian cold pressed carrot seed essential oil rich in pro-vitamin A, provides a nutrient rich, protective coat for the hair. Amla fruit is added for its hair strengthening properties and ability to decrease hair fall. Rosemary essential oil is added for its history as a root stimulant and hair clarifier. Applying Egyptian Black Castor & Carrot Seed Hair Food Mask to hair one to two times a week softens and conditions hair resulting in less breakage.

Contains only: Pure spring water, certified organic shea butter, cold pressed black castor oil, natural emulsifying wax, cold pressed carrot seed oil, amla fruit powder, South African rosemary essential oil, glucono lactone, sodium benzoate