Glenn Avenue Bandit's Oil Liquid Soap
Glenn Avenue Bandit's Oil Liquid Soap
Glenn Avenue Soap Company

Glenn Avenue Bandit's Oil Liquid Soap

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The Foaming Hand Soaps from Glenn Avenue Soap Company are handmade using traditional methods, oil and lye - full of natural, moisturizing glycerin and absolutely no foaming agents, surfactants or detergents. The liquid soaps are genuine saponified soaps, scented with only essential plant oils and extracts - nothing artificial and made with 100% organic extra virgin olive, coconut and sunflower oils  for a silky-smooth, skin-nourishing experience. The soap form a rich, silky lather that feels great, lasts long and rinses clean, but leaves behind moisturized skin that feels soft and smooth, never dry. 

The Bandit's Oil blend is our proprietary blend of an ancient recipe that includes pure cinnamon, cloves, eucalyptus, rosemary and lemon essential oils. Rich and spicy, complex and earthy, this soap is a customer favorite loved by everyone. 

The legend is this formula gets its name from thieves who lived during the time of the bubonic plagues. The thieves stole from dead bodies, but never got sick. When caught, the thieves were forced to reveal their secret, which was that they covered themselves in this special blend of oils, all of them known for their strong anti-bacterial properties. We can't promise that type of miracle, but we are sure you'll love the way it fights germs naturally while leaving your skin smooth, soft and fragrant.

This soap also makes a great natural hand sanitizer; just rub a small amount of soap directly on your hands until it is absorbed, it doesn't take much! It won't be sticky at all, just dry and smooth, and with that unique Bandit's Oil aroma.

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