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Luxury Bar Soap - The Mockingbird Apothecary & General Store

Luxury Bar Soap

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If you have not tried real handcrafted soap you should not deprive yourself any further. The silky super suds it creates leaves your skin soft & clean. It feels like nothing you have ever used before whether that be bar soaps or shower gels. Don’t forget it feels like you are in a spa when you walk in your bathroom and during every shower.

Our bars are all natural, pure vegan, and contain no parabens. They differ from traditional detergent soap bars that strip your skin of its natural moisture, leaving behind harsh chemicals and dry skin.

Contains only: olive oil soap, coconut oil soap, avocado oil soap, castor oil soap, sodium lactate, stearic acid and essential oils

Choose from:
Ylang Ylang (blue)

Grapefruit Orchard (light brick)

Vanilla Cinnamon (pale yellow)

Citrus Explosion (burnt brick)

No detergents. No parabens. Pure vegan
Net wt 4.0 oz.