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Neem Oil

Neem Oil

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Neem Oil holds a wide range of benefits in the natural-medicinal field, from its highly anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties to combat numerous skin concerns & fungus, acne issues.

In many countries neem kernel oil is used internally & orally in dental care. It can even be used in the garden as a natural pest control and for pets to rid them of bugs and fleas. Neem oil has a potent odor that can take getting used to, and the oil can become semi-solid in a cold environment. 

External use of neem is said to be safe for both pregnant and women trying to become pregnant when used in ratios that are not at full concentration (such as in a soap or facial formula that contains neem oil). However,  women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant should avoid using neem internally.

Certified Organic, Non-Irradiated, GMO Free, Unrefined, Virgin, Cold Pressed, 100% Pure & Undiluted

2 oz glass amber bottle with dropper