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Organic Reusable Bamboo & Cotton Face Rounds

Organic Reusable Bamboo & Cotton Face Rounds

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These organic reusable face rounds are super soft and extra thick with 3 layers of organic bamboo and cotton sewn together making for a sturdy, reusable round that will last up to 900 washes.

Each set comes with 16 organic bamboo cotton rounds (measuring 3 1/4” across) and an organic cotton mesh bag for washing.

CARE: We recommend hand or machine washing these in hot, warm or cold water according to your preference. Lay flat to dry; we do not recommend tumble drying these, since doing so may cause them to lose their shape.

TIP: To help your face rounds stain free, pre-soak your cotton rounds by placing them in an open jar or cup of soapy water after each use, then simply wash as stated above.