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Old Fashioned Popcorn

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Our popcorn seed is a non-GMO mushroom popcorn kernel that yields a large round corn, compared to the butterfly kernel that you typically get in the stores. All our gourmet popcorn is popped with 100% pure corn oil.

All our flavors contain butter (milk) and is manufactured on shared equipment that also produces products containing tree nuts and peanuts. All flavors are gluten free, with the exception of any Cheddar.

Bags are measured by weight, not volume. Dimensions of 6 cup bag is 6” wide X 9” tall and is heat sealed and resealable zip lock, to lock in the freshness.

If kept in a cool dry area, sealed bags of popcorn should stay fresh for 2 months.

Chocolate Loves Peanut Butter: Love peanut butter cups? Chocolate and peanut butter is an absolute favorite mix. 

Caramel Apple: Mixing flavors is our specialty! Mixing great tasting flavors together like caramel and green apple gives your taste buds a variety of flavor all in one bite. 

Chicago: Have you heard of Chicago style popcorn? Its awesome. The perfect combination of cheddar cheese and caramel flavored candy coating. 6oz

Jalapeno Cheddar: We add great tasting jalapeno flavored cheddar cheese that floods your mouth with flavor. 

Caramel: Have you tried our caramel flavor? Its awesome, the aroma and taste is mouth watering! We carefully add the perfect caramel flavored candy coating giving the snack its signature crunch. 

Kettle Corn: Have you tried our kettle corn flavor? Its amazing! We add the perfect blend of salt and sugar leaving a very unique and addictive flavor!