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Handmade Smudge Bundle

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The Sage Smudge Bundle is hand-wrapped in cotton string, with ethically-sourced, organic sage.

The Love Smudge Bundle includes potent, ethically-sourced, yerba santa, white sage, and lavender, for a combination to help with healing from physical or mental ailments, and increase love, growth and empowerment by cleansing the heart chakra. The potent, herbaceous sage and yerba santa pairs beautifully with the calming lavender.

Why Smudge?

The ancient practice of burning dried sage for cleansing was introduced from the Native American Shaman traditions, to burn sage in order to cleanse people of negativity and promote healing, wisdom, and longevity.

Science has caught up to sage's potential as a healing herb. Sage belongs to the Salvia plant family, derived from the Latin word salvere, meaning "to heal."

"Aside from the metaphysical uses of smudging, research is showing that sage can also be used to benefit physical, mental, and emotional well-being," says Reshma Patel, PA-C, MMS, CEO and founder of Ananda Integrative Medicine.

She points to a number of studies that have shown that medicinal smokes such as sage have  powerful antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities, can improve mood and cognition, can serve as an insect repellent, and can even help with sleep quality by easing insomnia.

The bundle comes in a cotton jute bag, with a small How-To-Smudge booklet inside.