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Sparkling & Caffeinated Green Tea by Tamo Tea

Sparkling & Caffeinated Green Tea by Tamo Tea

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Made with whole leaf green tea, real fruits and herbs the Tama Tea has antioxidants of a green juice, the refreshing aspect of a sparkling water and the caffeine content of a soda without sweeteners, calories, extracts, concentrates and natural flavors. 

Use Tama Tea to boost your immune system, energy or mood!

Lemon Lavender: Infused with the finest lavender flowers from the fields of France, our Lemon Lavender is the most audacious of the bunch. A perfect balance of lemon and lavender will leave you feeling energized and calm- like you just had an epic day at the spa. (sparkling spring water, organic green tea, lavender, lemon and citric acid).

Peach Pear: The most subtle of the trio, our Peach Pear combines the best flavors of summer. Ripe peach and pears from the US are picked to make our special blend. You'll find this flavor is mild which allows the green-tea flavor to shine. (sparkling spring water, organic green tea, peach, pear and citric acid).

Mango Verde: We use the most delicious ripe mangos from Mexico to make our Mango Verde. Break out those flip-flops as our light and refreshing Mango Verde will instantly put you in a beachy state of mind. (sparkling spring water, organic green tea, mango and citric acid

  • Craft brewed using real fruit
  • Free of flavoring or extracts
  • 0g Sugar and 0 Calories
  • Approximately 35 mg Caffeine
  • Each order contains 12-12oz cans