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The Time of the Month
The Time of the Month

The Time of the Month

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Anyone in your life with a period will appreciate this thoughtfully selected bundle of goodies! We know because these are all products we use throughout our own menstrual cycles. 

When PMS symptoms start to hit, we roll on the Monthly Balance Rollerball to make them easier to handle. We also like to use the Black Seed & Calendula Facial Wash around PMS time to help minimize those pre-period break outs. We love using the Saalt Menstrual Cup for up to 12 hours of comfy & reliable leak-free protection, and we'll brew a cup of Hibiscus Twist Tea to deal with cramps. Our chocolate cravings are more than satisfied with these delicious Sweeter Cards Chocolate Bars. 

We're throwing in a FREE Cotton Mesh Produce Bag when you order this set!


  • Black Seed & Calendula Facial Wash
  • Hibiscus Twist Tea
  • Saalt Menstrual Cup
  • Monthly Balance Rollerball
  • Sweeter Cards Chocolate Bar
  • FREEBIE: Cotton Mesh Produce Bag