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Toilet Bowl Cleaning Bomb

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Toilet Bowl Cleaning Bombs are made with all natural ingredients that are antibacterial and antimicrobial, allowing you to sanitize safely.

The Toilet Bowl Cleaning Bombs kill germs without toxic ingredients, leaving your bathroom smelling clean and fresh. 

10 tabs per each plastic-free packaging

Sodium bicarbonate, non-GMO citric acid, water, essential oils of organic peppermint, tea tree
and lemon.

Drop a tablet into the toilet. Allow it to dissolve, releasing its cleansing ingredients. Use a toilet brush to swish around and clean the sides. Flush.

Other uses:
1. drop a tab into your diaper pail to help keep it fresh.
2. drop a tab into your washing machine, set it on the lowest load setting, let it fizz out, and wash your washing machine.
3. drop a tab (or 2) into your garbage disposal and run the water.
4. put a few tabs on a decorative plate in your bathroom and let it deodorize your bathroom.
5. take it on the go! drop one in the toilet when you are doing your business in a public restroom to mask odors.

Toilet Bowl Cleaning Bomb



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