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Turmeric Ginger Tea

Turmeric Ginger Tea

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The powerhouse duo of 100% Hawaiian red turmeric (Olena) and Hawaiian yellow ginger to take your daily Golden milk to the next level of flavor, freshness, and nutritional properties.

Hawaiian Red Turmeric is by far the best tasting turmeric and is normally higher in Curcumin content compared to the bitter tasting yellow Ayurvedic Turmeric found in most health food stores.Turmeric curcumin has numerous health benefits, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger has been shown to be an effective in relieving nausea and an upset stomach to slowing down cancer cells in vitro. Ginger's anti-inflammatory, analgesic and sedative properties benefit soreness and can provide relief for pain.

Herbal Tea/Caffeine Free

Ingredients: Organic Hawaiian Olena Red Turmeric, Organic Hawaiian Yellow Ginger, Hawaiian Lime Juice (added before drying for freshness).

Size: 1.1 Oz. 30 Servings