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Adjustable Headband Mask

The internet is inundated with home-made masks! There are so many wonderful tutorials on You Tube and from bloggers everywhere on the best and easiest way to make one yourself, whether you own a sewing machine or not. 

I made several of the patterns, and finally settled on the one that looks most like the duckbill style. I made a few adjustments for additional comfort and for a deeper sense of security. 

I extended the design to wrap a little bit further under the chin and added a 4 inch piece of pipe cleaner wire to grip the nose. The most comfortable change I made is to add the adjustable elastic headband strap that you can tie at your neck after you fit it to your perfect size. 

I love the ease of putting this mask on, and also that I can put it around my neck so that when I am out, it is ready to pull over my nose and mouth without touching my face too much.

To pull the mask off, just pull the strap down over your face and let the mask rest into a plastic container that has a lid; pull the strap from your neck over your head and let the mask fall into the container and cover with the lid, ready to take directly to your laundry machine. 

Remember it is recommended that your mask be washed after every use. 

Below is a demo of how to put your mask on. 

1. Drape, the elastic over your head. 
2. Pull on the beads and adjust to fit comfortable around your head and face.
3. Tie the elastic into a knot.
4. Adjust gather around elastic and pinch the wire at the nose. When not in use keep around your neck comfortably.
5. Gently remove mask by pulling up on the elastic over your head, being careful not to touch the outside of the mask to your hands. 

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