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How Dry Brushing Can Help You Detox

Did you know that dry brushing not only gives you smooth skin, but is also one of the best ways to detox your body?

It’s true! Dry brushing your body activates the lymphatic system and encourages cell regeneration and blood circulation. This in turn promotes detoxification, exfoliates your skin, enhances the skin tone, and also leads to weight loss and cellulite reduction. What’s more, it even improves your respiratory and digestive function.

Simple and affordable way to detox

The dry brushing method is a quick and affordable way to detox your body from the inside out and all you need is a dry brush with natural bristles. At The Mockingbird Apothecary, we have brushes with different types of bristles and handle length at both our online and retail store. You will also find brushes that are gentler for your face.

How to dry brush

It’s easy and it takes roughly 5 minutes to brush your whole body.

Begin by brushing the soles of your feet and in a long fluid motion in the direction of your heart, slowly work your way up to the top of your thighs.

Next, use a circular motion for your torso and back. Vary the pressure as you work on your abdomen, chest and neck as they can be sensitive.

While working on your arms, move from the hands towards your armpits. Brush your neck downwards towards the collarbone and direct the brush from your face towards your ear on each side.

As a guide to remember, always start by brushing from the extremities of your body and move slowly to the core.

Try dry brushing before your shower and when the skin is dry. You can then take a hot shower to wash off the dead skin cells. Follow it up with a body butter or moisturizer afterwards to restore moisture back into your skin.

Regularly dry brush your body at least 2-3 times a week to rid your body of toxins. But if you have sensitive or dry skin, cut back dry brushing to once a week.

As a hygiene tip, make sure you wash your dry brush with soap and water after use at least once a week and leave to dry. This will prevent bacteria, mold or mildew growing on your brush.

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