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Why Use Cruelty-Free Products

The burning and killing of animals for scientific purposes is an unfortunate fact in our society. Every year, more than 100 million innocent animals are put through painful experimentation that includes giving them drugs or toxins to see if it's safe before putting those same products on humans hoping this will save lives.

Why should you stop buying animal-tested beauty products? The answer is simple: cruelty. Companies that continue with these practices are deciding to be cruel. Animals do not deserve poor and cruel treatment.

More and more people are becoming aware of the cruelty that goes on in cosmetics production. This has caused them to look for alternatives or prevent animal suffering altogether. If you're interested but on the fence about switching, here's what we recommend.

10 Reasons To Start Using Cruelty-Free Products

The use of animals in testing for cosmetics is not new, but it's becoming increasingly controversial every day. Some people still don't realize that entire animal tests are being conducted even on dogs and cats.

With that being said, here we have put together ten excellent benefits that you get by using cruelty-free products.

1. Animal Testing is Harsh

The minute you hear about animal testing for skin products, your first thought should be to question it. These animals are subjected to cruelty and then killed at the end of their service; there's no way around this issue. 

The animals used in experiments are not only confined to small cages and cruel conditions but they're also subjected to tests that go beyond any normal human understanding of cruelty. As a result, the animals know nothing but fear and suffer through unimaginable pain before being destroyed or permanently disabled - some just for profit while others have no idea what their fate will be at all.

The testing procedures for new drugs on nonhuman subjects such as lab rats have been abusive since its inception centuries ago, with some estimates suggesting that over 50 million have died in experiments alone.

2. Better Alternatives are Here

The use of animals in testing is unethical and costly. While it may seem like animal testing is necessary, there are many alternatives to the practice which can provide accurate results. It's essential to know the ingredients and having some understanding of the production methods behind any product you use, especially if they may potentially harm your skin or hair follicles. Natural cruelty products are offered with more transparency of ingredients and making. 

3. Encourages a Positive Change

Today's consumers are more likely to see ingredient lists on labels that contain harmful substances (if any). What does this mean? It means that by simply being aware, we can make choices about what goes into our bodies, which everyone deserves.

Companies are responding to the demand for animal-free products, with more than half of all companies in the US now providing demonstrated cruelty-free offerings that are promoted effectively by consumers who care about such things, showing how much people appreciate these kinds of changes being made.

Not only does promoting change through industry cost less financially, but it also creates positive awareness both online and offline.

4. Promotes Smart Decisions

When you pay attention to the cosmetics you use, your all natural, chemical-free skincare products habits will likely become more defined. You may read reviews and ingredient lists of specific products to learn the ethical practices behind the making of the product - one way is by checking out the CrueltyFreeAlways website.

5. Healthy for the Skin

There is a growing number of people adopting cruelty-free cosmetics as they believe these products have less harmful chemicals than those tested on animals. The main difference between the two types? Animal-derived ingredients tend to include parabens and synthetic dyes while plant-based products do not, making them healthier overall for your skin.

The best way to take care of your skin is by paying attention to what you put on it and how long those products stay in contact with the surface. When using plant-based ingredient products, even if you leave this on all night, you can be quite sure that it will not harm or irritate you or your skin.

6. Less Expensive

Switching your beauty standards can be an expensive decision, but it doesn't have to break the bank. Some cruelty-free brands are also some of today's most affordable options for products like skincare and makeup! You might find that switching over will allow more room in your budget without compromising on quality too much - just sayin'.

In addition, if you're looking into switching over from animal testing cosmetics, you will save money in the long run because you will most likely reduce the number of products you need to buy for your routines. 

7. Tons of Safe Ingredients Present

Animal testing is an outdated practice that neglects to consider the possibility of natural ingredients being much better. Nowadays, there are countless safe and toxin-free options available for companies looking into a formulation with natural products - many of which have been proven time after time by scientists and consumers themselves.

Beware when purchasing skincare items because some brands prioritize revenue over customer health by using animal-derived ingredients. Unfortunately, the profit-driven nature of business means that many companies will opt for harmful chemicals over vegan or cruelty-free options that can be detrimental not just for you but also for other creatures who share this planet!

Even though legally required standards dictate otherwise, always read labels carefully before buying anything, so there are no surprises at home later down the road.

8. Governments are Banning Animal Testing

The practice of testing cosmetic products on animals should be banned worldwide. Many countries have already made this decision. More will follow as time goes by because it's harmful to humans, who are often allergic or sensitive, without knowing why they are like this disposed towards other creatures' skin imperfections? It also sends an awful message about our worth when everyone knows what happens next: They get burned alive so that you can wear beautiful clothes.

9. Good for the Environment and Wallet

Going cruelty-free is the perfect excuse to get rid of all your old, unwanted items and start fresh. Minimalism can help you be more conscious about what purchases are made. It can not only help to lessen waste but also to think critically when purchasing new things too.

If you're looking for an ethical way to save money, buying cruelty-free products is one of the best ways. Of course, you'll have fewer choices in stores, but this can be a good thing because it limits your spending on unnecessary items.

10. More Eco-Friendly Option

We can all agree that animals should be treated compassionately and cruelty-free. This is why there are many brands to love for their eco-friendly household cleaners or handmade bath bombs, which are better than mainstream brands because they contain less harsh or toxic ingredients while still getting the job done safely. You'll find many other companies on this list offering products with similar benefits - check them out today if you're looking to switch up your cleaning game.

Be Friendly to Mother-Nature

Sadly, even today, the big beauty industry is not transparent about the cruelty behind its products. Instead, they try to hide it by minimizing or denying that animals are tested in laboratories. There's no reason for such treatment; we can help make a change together through better choices when buying skincare items.

Going cruelty-free is the best decision you can make for a multitude of reasons.  More and more people are turning their backs on animal testing. If you want to make the change, now is a good time to switch to cruelty-free plant based natural skin care products, because there's no reason not to.

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