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African Aloe Topical Gel

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Raw natural African Aloe Topical Gel by Shea Terra is 99% pure aloe gel from the leaf of the rare African aloe. African Aloe is known to be the most active and potent aloe in the world

Off beaten paths, along bumpy, rocky roads in the Cape of South Africa grows the wondrous, succulent plant, one of the most active aloes in the world. Kept under the watchful eyes as a protected species, the outer leaves of this wonder plant are harvested to extract the healing jelly within. Made up of over 130 active chemicals, Cape Aloe's amazing properties include high saponin, sterol, vitamins, minerals, and amino acid content just to name a few. Once applied to skin Cape Aloe can help cells build a protective barrier and may aid them with the nutrients that they need to repair skin.

Use African Aloe for scrapes, bites, burns, acne and more. African Aloe provides skin with deep cell hydration and can revive dry, dehydrated skin. 

Not only can Cape Aloe work on burns, damaged skin, and shaving wounds, but it may also act as a firming toner, hydrator, and moisturizing agent. Use on face and legs after shaving, apply before using facial moisturizer, or even apply to cuticles to help repair damaged skin. The long list of uses is endless

Contains only: Cape Aloe 99%, potassium sorbate (mild preservative), sodium benzoate (mild preservative)