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Juniper Smudge Stick

Juniper Smudge Stick

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The Juniper Smudge Sticks are popular for their purported ability to cleanse and protect against negative energy. They are also thought to be helpful in attracting good luck and fortune.

The Juniper Smudge Stick offers a variety of benefits

These benefits include:

  • Juniper is thought to be cleansing and purifying, and smudging with juniper smoke is said to cleanse negative energy from a person, place or object
  • Juniper is also said to be protective, and smudging with juniper smoke is thought to create a barrier of protection against negative energy
  • Juniper is also said to be helpful in attracting good luck and fortune, making it a popular smudge stick to use in ceremonies and rituals related to these themes

Smudging is a traditional practice that dates back centuries. Today, many people still use sage for its purported health benefits. While there is no scientific evidence to support these claims, many people find that smudging helps them feel more relaxed and connected to their surroundings.

To use a smudge stick, light the end of the stick and allow it to smolder. Then, waft the smoke around your body, starting at your feet and moving up to your head. You can also waft the smoke around your home or office, paying special attention to corners and other areas where negative energy might be lurking. When you are finished, extinguish the smudge stick in a bowl of sand or dirt.

Always burn smudge sticks in a well-ventilated area.

Juniper Smudge Stick



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