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Guatemala | Antigua Pastores | Natural

Guatemala | Antigua Pastores | Natural

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Tasting notes: a complex nuance of smoke, spice, flowers, hints of lime, cherry, chocolate and caramel

Roast: Medium

Story of the farm:

The highlands of Guatemala produce several of the world’s finest and most distinctive coffees, highly prized for the particular care to which it is subjected in the subsequent harvesting and processing phase.

One of the most prominent coffee farmers are the Antiguans, in the mountain basin surrounding the austerely beautiful colonial city Guatemala. The volcanic mountain slopes of the Sierra Madre creates very good conditions for the Arabica crop. A slight smoky undertone can be felt in the coffee from Guatemala when they routinely light fires next to the plantations at risk of frost.

This coffee that comes from the magnificent region of Antigua, in the midst of volcanoes, and enjoys the perfect climate and very nutrient-rich volcanic soil produces the most distinguished of these highland coffees: Guatemala Antigua Pastores is produced in the Central region from smallholder farmers in the town of Pastores, where the growers are highly regarded for the quality of their cherries. Soils in the area are volcanic, rich in minerals that are ideal for the three varietals grown. Cultivation at high altitudes allows the production of a unique coffee with an exceptional liveliness, full body, spicy aroma, sweet flavor with acidity ranging from gently bright to austerely powerful.

Perfectly ripe beans are carefully handpicked and sorted by more than 100 women with vast experience in this "art", before they are delivered to Pastores mill. Antigua Pastores coffees are always freshly milled - only about two weeks prior to shipment.

Here the careful process of preparing the perfect coffee continues: depulping and a very precise 100% natural fermentation are the first steps. Coffee is then fully washed using fresh spring water and completely sun dried under the radiant Guatemalan sun. 

Generally, Guatemala has preserved more of the traditional typica and bourbon varieties of arabica, than many other Latin American growing countries, which may account for the generally superior complexity of the Guatemala cup. Most Guatemala coffee is grown in shade, ranging from rigorously managed shade on large farms to the serendipitous thickets of small growers.