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Adjustable Cotton Face Mask - Headband Style

 In recent days, it appears that U.S. authorities are realizing they should have encouraged mask-wearing during the early stages of the outbreak. The internet is inundated with home-made masks! There are so many wonderful tutorials on You Tube and from bloggers everywhere on the best and easiest way to make one yourself, whether you own a sewing machine or not. 

So I, too, have dusted off my sewing machines and have started to make masks to serve our customers. 

I made several of the patterns, and finally settled on the one that looks most like the duckbill style. I made a few adjustments for additional comfort and for a deeper sense of security. 

sewing masks

Here is the prototype of our mask based on the research I did. After watching a ton of videos, I found that the best protection without a surgical mask is only if our mouth and nose are covered completely without any moisture able to get in. 

I extended the design to wrap a little bit further under the chin and added a 4 inch piece of pipe cleaner wire to grip the nose. The most comfortable change I made is to add the adjustable elastic headband strap that you can tie at your neck after you fit it to your perfect size.

I've made the filter pocket a standard feature. Although the N95 filter would be ideal, it is currently unavailable to us as public consumers. But there are many recommendations out there on how to get some extra protection from airborne bacteria entering our mouths and noses, in addition to the cotton face mask. The easiest "filter" that most folks may already have available in their own homes is to add a folded paper towel. You can purchase  HEPA vacuum cleaner bag filters separately now. We will have 2 filter packs for $5.00
I have added a strip of wire at the nose bridge so that you can squeeze it to fit snuggly but comfortably. 
After experimenting with the ear loop style masks, I found them to be complicated to get on and off, with the potential for too much touching. I love this new headband style that fits over the head and then ties comfortably around the neck for a custom fit. 
The masks you will receive will have a slightly improved filter pocket access and will be completely reversible. 

Please be sure to wash your masks when you receive them and it is recommended to always remember to wash them (along with clothes you are wearing) each time you come home after being out with them. 

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